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A Passion Denied
By Julie Lessman
Review by Roseanna White


Elizabeth O’Connor has been in love with John Brady since she was fourteen years old. Now that she’s thoroughly grown up, a modern woman, she’s determined to open his eyes to what a perfect wife she’d make him. She bobs her hair, paints her lips, and . . . loses her temper when he refuses to see that the newly-dubbed Lizzie is no longer his little Beth. What does it take to win a man’s affection, anyway? In the romances she so loves, he would just sweep her away into happily ever after. So what in the world is his problem?

John Brady has long fought against the sordid shame of his past. And when his dearest friend proclaims yet again that she’s in love with him, he can’t explain to anyone why it terrifies him. He just knows that his feelings for Beth have been the only pure affection he’s known for a woman, and he can’t—can’t—put that at risk. Even if it means losing her forever.

A Passion Denied is the long-awaited third and final installment of the Daughters of Boston trilogy, and it will have you tearing through those pages at a breakneck pace, devouring Lizzie and John’s story. Readers of the series will have seen enough of them to love them both from the get-go, and newcomers will fall for them from the first pages. John’s sincere faith and realistic weaknesses paint a picture of a man effectively torn in two. And Lizzie’s long been so in love with being in love that you won’t know whether to shake your head or hope her illusions remain unshattered.

The main story stands on its own very well, but there’s a lot of continuing plotlines from the first two books, too. For those of us who have read them all, that’s a wonderful treat—it also makes me recommend you pick up the first two if you haven’t already, so that you fully understand the complex and beautiful family O’Connor. You won’t regret it!

Filled with dreams, desire, shame, and secrets, A Passion Denied is a gripping and wrenching story that you’ll be sorry to see end. Julie Lessman has done it again! I dedicated every spare moment to this book until I turned the last page, and I can’t wait for her next series, which will follow the three remaining O’Connor children through the Roaring Twenties and into the Great Depression.

Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: June 2009
ISBN: 9780800732134
Price: $13.99


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