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A Passion Most Pure
By Julie Lessman
Review by Roseanna White


All of her life, Faith OíConnor has been in love with Collin McGuire.  Ever since he rescued her from a bully when she was nine, her heart has been his.  But now, ten years later, nothing is as it should be.  Collin is coming around, yesóto see her younger sister, Charity.  Worse, he isnít the boy she used to know.  His charm is still in place, but ever since his father died, heís been bitter and unfocused, concerned only with feeding his lusts.  Even when he begins to notice her, she knows it isnít right.  Aside from his involvement with her sister, he is far from sharing her faith.  But can she ever get him out of her heart?

Set against the backdrop of World War I, A Passion Most Pure takes readers deep into that eraís Irish Boston and deeper still into the beings of its characters.  Nothing is simple is this storyóand the complication is what makes it, in my opinion, sure to be one of the best books of the year.

Debut author Julie Lessman tackles issues of lust and love head on.  The characters have passions that run deep and strong, both for God and each other.  When getting the thoughts of the non-Christians in the story, these thoughts obviously focus more on the lust, but as we struggle through with Faith, we again and again are treated to a in-depth, eloquent argument for Godís desire for our desires.  There is no question that this book is solid in its presentation of theology; every single point within it is based upon Scripture.  But at the same time, it deals with difficult issues that some readers wouldnít like, from drinking to womanizing.

One of the most beautiful things about A Passion Most Pure isnít the romance of the young characters, but the continued passions of the parents, Marcy and Patrick.  Lessman uses them to paint a picture of marriage based on God, love, and continued devotion that will warm your heart and make you look with renewed longing at your spouse.

I devoured this book and loved every single page.  As someone who reads mainstream fiction as well as Christian, A Passion Most Pure met the need I often feel for realism and honesty, but never once compromised on faith and values.  This is a thick, juicy read, and one I would pick up again in a heartbeat if I had time for rereading!  Iím going to be counting the days until the next book in the Daughters of Boston Series comes out and cheering on Julie Lessman through every step of what is sure to be a long and brilliant career.  This may be the first novel published by a Christian house to deal so frankly with these issues, and I have one thing to say about that: itís about time! 

Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: January 2008
ISBN: 9780800732110
Price: $13.99
Genre: Historical Romance

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